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What to Expect

RX Relief Massage Therapy specializes in treatment based massage. Focusing on client's needs to minimize tension and pain; while maximizing mobility and relaxation. We give you extra-care (essential oils, refreshing towels, bottled water, heated table) without the extra costs. You'll be in good hands with a professional Licensed Massage Therapist when you choose RX Relief Massage Therapy







Cancellation & No Show Policy

Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee amounting to the cost of the scheduled service.

Clients who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled service. We recognize the time of our clients and staff is valuable and have implemented this policy for this reason. When you miss an appointment with us, we not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time.

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Stephanie Chudnofsky
Owner / Massage Therapist

Stephanie is a professional Licensed Massage Therapist, CrossFit Athlete & Postpartum Doula; Her expertise in professional client-care & customer service is extensive; with over 25 years of experience.

Stephanie works closely with multiple Physical Therapists, to stay sharp & aware of how to treat client’s conditions as well as treat their muscle’s needs on a higher level.

“I started RX Relief Massage Therapy to help people. I love working on CrossFit athletes…Desk Jockeys, Stay at home mamas, youth, teens… really every-body! Bringing relief to tired muscles & stressed bodies. I celebrate our differences as human bodies. Come see me & you will receive professional care, specific to your needs. Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Tech-Neck & Shoulder Relief, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, RX & Scaled WOD Recovery, Cupping Therapy & more!” 

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